About Us

heatboss reduces energy consumption, cut carbon pollution and give control and comfort for each individual user

heatboss was founded by Gary and Janette, who first met whilst attending University of Ulster, back in 1999. Before founding heatboss, they worked for a number of blue chip technology and management consulting companies, providing software consultancy and development services. The founders each have over 15 years experience of developing software and hardware products and managing the delivery of these to suit their clients’ needs.

After some years, they both realised that they wanted more than a “normal” job, they wanted to solve important problems really well and make a positive difference to people and the planet. The problem that they wanted to solve had been a personal bug bear for many years and when they realised that around 60% of energy consumed within a building is used solely for heating coupled with the fact that many conventional heating controls (that is, the types of controls that heat the whole building or zone, for the same amount of time, to the same target temperature) encourage the wastage of up to 30% of this heatng energy consumption, they new that it was the right one.

So in 2010, whilst still doing their day jobs, they began to investigate ways of overcoming the shortfalls of conventional heating controls – their poor control and accuracy as well as their needless overly-complicated, frustrating and unituitive interface. When they realised that no product on the market was enabling existing commercial and public buildings to have room level control via a simple, well designed and cost-effective retrofit, they set about developing heatboss. They worked hard for years, designing, developing, testing, proving the concept and refining and optimising the solution, until finalising the development and going into full production with heatboss. Unlike conventional heating controls, heatboss enables its users to only heat when and where required and to the temperature that suits the needs of each individual room, thus creating an environment that suits all its occupants. Whilst doing so, it is also intelligently working away in the background to save energy and money and is delivered with a really well designed and intuitive user interface.

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Office: Unit 1, Farranshane House,
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