• Add devices

    Log on to the heatboss cloud server and assign devices i.e. thermostats, valves etc. to the system. This is done by simply scanning for the device and adding it to the desired room.

  • Set schedules

    These devices can then be controlled via the user interface by setting up on/off times and target temps for rooms.

  • Run

    The hub communicates to the cloud server and retrieves the on/off times and target temperatures of each room that has been setup. These settings are sent wirelessly to the devices within the rooms.

    The devices in each room then monitor and control the room as per your setup. The heatboss thermostat can also control the target temp of the room locally by using the up down buttons on the device.

Room level control

Ability to control rooms individually, where you can heat where, when and to the desired temperature you want.

When the room is on and approaching the desired target temperature the heatboss radiator values intelligently close off just enough to maintain this target.

Boiler control

Control the boiler and/or hotwater. Unique algorithms intelligently calculate the demands for heat on a single or multiple rooms and supply heat only when needed. The boiler controller is also has the ability to control 8 hard wired zones also. Rooms can be assigned to these zone depending on the physical plumbing of your building

Wireless control

Our wireless communication can work in a small building with 10 – 20 room to a building with over hundred. We have the ability to hop the signal through the build from room to room until it reaches its destination thus allowing large scale deployments.

General Features

  • Frost Protection

    Protects your building both day & night from the cold

  • Optimal start

    Wake up to you room at the correct temperature

  • Sticky valve protection

    Reduces risk of valves sticking during summer when heating is off.

  • Holiday mode

    When you’re away we take care of your building

  • Disable room

    Save while your room is unoccupied

  • Damp detection

  • Hotwater control


  • Room profile

    Highlight for each room potential energy savings.

  • Battery level warning

    Indicates what devices in what rooms batteries are low.

  • Boiler runtime

    Highlights when and how log your boiler is on.

Avoid misuse

  • Max and Min temperature limits

    Set temperature boundaries

  • Child lock

    Stop the little ones turning things on/off

  • Audit trail

    See details who did what and when

  • Theft detection

    Notify you if any heatboss devices have been taken and installed elsewhere.


  • Secure login

    Password protected system

  • Encrypted communication

    Keep your data safe

  • User role levels

    Specify who can do what in your building

  • User management

    Add or delete users to your building(s)