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Kitchener Primary School – savings:

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2.7 years


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  1. To reduce heating costs of the school;
  2. Create a way for the building to be fully controlled;
  3. Ensure system for sensitive to and low impact to heritage values


  1. Saving on energy for heating averaging 26% since installed in 2015, even though only controlling two-thrids of the school;
  2. Teaching staff and children no longer complain about rooms being too cold or hot;
  3. The school buildings’ heritage values are unaffected by the unobtrusive heatboss installation.

The headteacher Ruth Jackson said that:

“Cardiff City Council’s Energy Officer to trial a new heating system for heritage buildings. Often built with solid walls which makes heating the internal spaces a more energy intensive task, the Kitchener Primary School had specific issues that needed to be overcome.”

“The school had relied on a traditional heating system which was either on or off, and which as a result was using a lot of energy to maintain the heating and hot water levels, often unnecessarily and at great expense, a cost which hard pressed education budgets could ill afford.”

“Prior to heatboss, the only method of controlling heat was asking staff to physically go into each room and adjust radiator valves. This not only made things difficult to manage, but quite often the heat would be left on and the windows opened to reduce heat…!”

Mathew Preece, Cardiff City Council Energy Project Manager –

“The installation process was a very smooth and timely event. Because a heatboss installation comes with a team of very helpful engineers and customer service people, they took the trouble to explain how and when the adaptations would be fitted.”

“We found the ease of installation, and its user-friendly interface, both from a software and hardware perspective, the most attractive aspects of the heatboss  system”

Ruth adds:  –

heatboss also provided comprehensive training for the school’s staff in terms of how to use the thermostats.” This was an essential element of the council’s investment in heatboss, as it would ensure their new heating control system would manage the school’s future energy usage as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

download PDF version of this case study


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