How heatboss works

The heatboss management system uses wireless controls allowing you to control each room within your building. It suits new and existing buildings. We offer solutions to control zones, radiators, hot water, electric heaters, underfloor and integration with Building Management Systems (BMS).

heatboss can be customized to suit your building’s specific needs, no matter what its physical plumbing is. Our intelligent devices and control algorithms have been developed over years to optimise control, saving and comfort.

heatboss enables intelligent control of your:


Our radiator solution gives you control over each room within your building.​

underfloor icon


Our underfloor solution gives you control over each zone within your building.​


Our electric solution gives you control over each electric room heater within your building.

hot water tap

Hot water

Our hot water solution gives you control over hot water on/off times within your building.


Our solution integrates with Building Management Systems to signal when there is a demand / no demand for heat.

The heatboss elements

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