heatboss products communicate

with each other to provide intelligent

control of your business

Easily customised for your building


The heatboss system monitors and manages all the wireless communications throughout the building and links all the devices together.  The hub is linked to the cloud so that the heating can be managed securely from any web-enabled device.


Zone Controller

Controls the central heating and hot water by controlling the boiler(s) and zones. It can replace an existing time clock or it can integrate with an underlying building management system. (BMS)  It turns the boiler/zone off when all rooms are at their target temperature and on again when rooms demand it.



Monitors the ambient room temperatures, relative humidity levels and communicates this data wirelessly back to the hub. It also allows users to amend the room temperature or boost the room’s heating.


Wireless Valve

Replaces existing thermostatic radiator valve, without the need for a drain down, the wireless valve enables independent control of each room.


Remote Switch

Can control electric heaters within a room. It is also a repeater to extend wireless signal range.


Web App

Allows users to monitor and control their building’s heating from anywhere. Users can easily schedule each zone and room’s heating on and off times and target temperatures to reflect how the building is used.



heatboss has revolutionised how busineses interact with their heating systems, providing you with more control, less waste and great savings.

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