Saving on average 30%
of your heating bill


The intelligent heating system for your business

heatboss provides individual room temperature control which will cut your heating bill.
Conventional heating controls heat rooms that are not in use and heat everywhere to the same target temperature, which results in wasting over 30% of your building heating costs.

heatboss is an intelligent wireless heating control system that allows you to control radiators independently so you only heat when and where you need to, and to a temperature that suits the needs of each room. This results in an average saving of 30%.

The installation is a simple process that does not require a drain down of the system.

Get to know the heatboss® system

Web App

Wheather you are on the move or in the office our beautiful interface is available for all devices. Control is super simple leaving you get on with your day.


Monitors and controls the temperature of the room. Can also detect movement and report this back to the hub where heating schedules can be built up.


Replaces your existing thermostatic radiator valve to allow control of each room separately, allowing you to schedule each room just the way you want it.


Controls the boiler and hotwater. Can also control additional 8 hardwired zones, ideal for underfloor heating or BMS integration.

Making your building smarter

With heatboss your building’s heating can be profiled to reflect exactly how it is used, from a really intuitive web application.

Bespoke algorithms monitor and control each individual room, to ensure personalised comfort within the room and optimised efficiency at the boiler. heatboss works with your existing setup, wheather that be a standalone boiler or integrates to a BEMS (Building Energy Management System).


Customised for everyone’s needs

Each room’s on/off times & target temperatures can be easily set-up to suit the need of it occupants. Whether that be a meeting room, a classroom, a resident’s room in a care home or a guest’s room in a hotel.


heatboss saves

heatboss saves you money, energy and time. It saves money and energy in two ways:
1) By only heating the when and where you need to, to the desired temperature.
2) Our heatboss algorithms run constantly to ensure comfort is achieved by using the least amount of energy.

It saves time by easy setup via a very intuitive web application.

Friendly service and a great product that saves us money whilst keeping the residents comfortable – what
more could you ask for? We don’t think about heating anymore. It just works.Paul Doran, Maintenance Manager, Braefield Nursing Home