Our process

We know that making changes to how your building works is a big decision, but we will work with you to make that process as easy as possible – from designing the best solution to suit your needs, to navigating through the grants, loans, tax incentives that are available to you, to ensuring the setup is right for your building and that you and your staff know how to make the most out of it.

We believe that, once you’ve installed heatboss, we cannot just walk away. The system is heating management system that gives you control of every room, hosted in the cloud and updated regularly to add more functionality, as well as that if there is an issue, you need to know that it will be resolved fast.  So we stay the course and form a lasting partnership with our clients, to ensure that you receive the most out of your investment and get optimised control, customised comfort and maximise the potential savings.

Our Process

Site analysis

01 | Site Analysis

We will visit your building and carry out a free site survey. This enables the engineer to check to ensure heatboss is right for your building and get a full understanding of your building’s heating needs and any issues that may occur with your current heating system.

Following the site visit, we’ll know the best heatboss setup for you to obtain maximum savings and you will receive a quotation within 24 hours.

Site analysis

02 | Wireless signal test and initial setup

Once you’ve decide that heatboss is for you, things can move at the speed that you require. The first step is for one of our engineers to call out and undertake a wireless signal test. This allows us to specify the location of the signal repeaters within your building.

We will then set up your heatboss system off site – this will vastly reduce the amount of time that we will need to be within each room during the installation to avoid any disruption to your daily operation. We will preset the heating schedules, based on what you have told us.

Site analysis

03 | Install & Commission

Our installation team will come to your site fully prepared for the installation. There is no need to turn the heating off during the installation and the engineers will only need ~5 minutes within each room.

The installation comprises: wiring of additional sockets for repeater plugs; setting up the heatboss hubs; controlling your boilers and/or liaising with your BMS engineer to integrate with existing Building Management System; and lastly the control of your radiators/heating zones/electric heaters. The installation will be fully commissioned by our most experienced engineers.

Site analysis

04 | Go Live & training

Once the system is commissioned, our trainer will grant each of your approved users the relevant level of access to your heatboss web application.

The heatboss web application is really easy to use and we will train each user, taking them through both the web app and how to use the heatboss devices. We won’t leave you until you’re happy that you all know exactly how heatboss works and how to get the most out of it.

Site analysis

05 | Start Saving

You and your staff can access your heating controls from your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet securely, from anywhere in the world. You can monitor and change your settings to optimise savings and comfort levels. You can now heat exactly where you want and when you want and the savings come naturally and, because everyone’s room is heated just how and when they like it, everyone is more comfortable.

We want to ensure that you always get the most out of your investment in heatboss, so we also provide a support and maintenance service to all our clients and this ensures that ongoing savings are made year on year; your system works seamlessly; you have full access to the heatboss management system and updates to it for all users; and we are there when you need us.


heatboss has revolutionised how busineses interact with their heating systems, providing you with more control, less waste and great savings.

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