Frequent Asked Questions

heatboss is made up of both hardware and a web application, providing innovative, wireless heating control for existing and new commercial and public buildings.

heatboss enables the control of each individual room’s on/off times and target temperatures from any web enabled device. This means that you only need to heat where and when required, and to the temperature that suits the needs of each individual room. As a result of this, the building inherits better control, on average 30% savings on heating costs and improved thermal comfort of occupants by enabling personalised comfort levels for each room.

heatboss saves energy in a few ways:

  • By only heating where and when you need to
  • By enabling rooms to have different target temperatures, so that those who like high room temperatures can be comfortable but yet no longer impose their preferred target temperature on the whole building
  • When the heating is on the room temperatures are very well controlled and maintained, to avoid overheating
  • By integrating with the boiler / BMS, heatboss ensures that the boilers on times reflect the demand for heat within the rooms. The system is poled constantly and as soon as the demand for heat is met in all rooms, a message is sent to pause the boiler. This integration means that the boiler will be running less and will, therefore cost less to run and it will also last longer in between services and have increased longevity.
    • Saving typically 30% on heating bills
    • Improved comfort levels for occupants
    • It is wireless – so quick and easy to install
    • Remote access to heating controls for your staff and our team that support you
    • Easy to use and saves your staff time and effort, whilst giving them more control
    • Support service available, including reporting to find more savings and ongoing savings monitoring
    • Helping you to be greener

The heating settings can be set up for the whole building and then, within each room, the occupant can amend the target temperatures up or down and can boost the room’s heat outside of the normal heating hours. This ensures that the occupant has the heat levels in their room just how they like it.

You and your staff will be able to control the heating down to individual room level securely from any web enabled device. Each room can have its own on/off times and target temperatures, so the heat in room no longer needs to impact any other room and this means the occupants of each room can have the heat just how they like it by using the thermostat in their room to adjust the heating settings.

We are incredibly proud to say that all the design, development, testing and manufacture of software and electronics is done on the island of Ireland.

This varies depending on the number of rooms, the number of radiators and the fabric of your building. The best way to give you an accurate costing is to undertake a site survey where we can take all this into account and then ascertain the number of heatboss devices that will be required. 

Payback duration varies depending on how much your heating bills are and how many radiators and rooms that you have within your building, but typically it is around 2 years.

No problem. heatboss is completely flexible and the setup can be changed to suit your needs and new devices can be added very easily.

Absolutely. When we install we leave all the existing equipment that we remove with you. If you plan to leave the building and take heatboss with you, it is very easy to re-fit the old timer(s) and valves and leave the heating setup as it was before heatboss was installed.

Yes, multiple boilers can be controlled with the boiler controller, heatboss can be configured to match the physical topology of your plumbing.

heatboss integrates with the BMS by providing it with an input that tells it when there is a demand or no demand for heating in particular rooms/zones. The integration process is simple and just requires your BMS engineer to update the BMS’s programme to allow it to accept the inputs from heatboss.

No, a manual radiator valve body cannot be controlled by a heatboss valve (or indeed any type of thermostatically controlled valve (TRV)).  If you want heatboss to control your manual radiators, a plumber will need to change the valve bodies over to be able to accept a TRV.

Yes, heatboss valves are based on the standard 30mm valve, so will be able to replace most other TRVs directly. Some valves are not standard though, in which case we have a range of adaptors to suit.

Yes. If you have a good heating zone setup and you do not need room level control, heatboss can be used to enable centralised control of your heating zones securely, from any web-based device.  

All on/off times and setting are pulled down from our cloud server and stored locally on the heatboss hub. The hub will run as normal without any internet connection. If you wish to make changes when the internet is down you can simply login to the hub locally to make basic changes using the following url: https://hub:8090

  • Check to see if the valve is loosened, if so it will need secured back on to the radiator. Please watch this short tutorial that shows how to do this.
  • Login to the web app and check to see if the room is running in setback mode.
  • Unscrew the valve from the radiator
  • Use a small Philips star head screwdriver to open the battery compartment
  • Replace old batteries ensuring the correct orientation (shown on the valve)
  • Screw battery cover back on
  • Screw back onto radiator
  • Press the + button when pulsing Yellow
  • Use a small Philips star head screwdriver to unscrew top & bottom screws
  • Pull the Stat towards you to release from housing
  • Replace old batteries ensuring the correct orientation (shown on the Stat)
  • Push the Stat back onto the housing
  • Screw-in top & bottom screws to secure