Want to control electric radiators?

Relax, we’ve got you covered.

heatboss is proud to release its new remote switch for controlling electric heaters. So, for all the buildings that have electric heating and have no way to control each room’s heating individually, securely and centrally from any web-enabled device – you can now!

One of the joys of being an SME is that we can react very quickly to our customers’ needs. This agility means that when we see a need that we can use our skills and expertise to fill, we get to it.

A few months ago, a potential client approached us with a problem, in addition to their rooms with standard radiators, they also had a block of rooms with electric heaters that they had no centralised control over. They knew that we could give them individual control of their radiators but they asked if we could also solve the issue they had with the electric heaters.

Not to be beaten, we got to work and designed the remote switch, which ties in with the rest of the heatboss suite seamlessly and enables our clients to control each electric heater independently. The result is better efficiency and improved comfort within these rooms.

Some key features include:

  • Switching electric radiator – resistive loads of up to 3Kw at 230Vac
  • Manually override to turn on – in case of emergency
  • Able to boost and repeat the wireless signal
  • Fits into a single gang socket enclosure
  • Easy installation

We look forward to continuing to fill new and current clients’ needs with the heatboss team’s continuous innovation. For more information on the remote switch see here.