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Bayview Hotel – savings:

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1.1 year


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  1. To reduce running costs
  2. To improve guest comfort levels
  3. To become greener


  1. Annual savings of 28% on the heating & hot water costs
  2. Personalised control and better maintained comfort levels in all rooms
  3. Reduction of 131,292 kilowatt hours used and 38.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

Trevor Kane, Director of The Bayview Hotel, Portballintrae, Co. Antrim advises that:

“Before installing a heating control system we were heating the whole hotel, and to the same temperature, regardless of what rooms were in use. Now we are able to only heat the rooms we need, and can adjust temperatures in individual rooms to suit customer needs. Not only is this great for customers, but it has also had a dramatic impact on our energy costs already. Our investment will be fully paid for within 13 months, and we are also meeting our responsibility to help reduce the carbon footprint of Bayview, so this is proving to be a great investment for my business.”

“We can have heat closed off in any of the rooms which are not being occupied and switched on immediately when a guest arrives. The comfort levels throughout the hotel are amazing, not too hot and not too chilly! Our guests love it and we have had many positive comments about the comfortable heating levels in the rooms. Our staff love the system and have found it so easy to adjust heat levels when necessary for individual rooms from their computers at reception, I can also check and control the system on my iPad from anywhere throughout the world! I am so pleased with heatboss and can recommend it to anyone who is considering installing the system.”

The heatboss team are wonderful and so passionate about their products and technology, and the benefits and comfort levels at Bayview have been amazing, BRAVO heatboss!”

Bayview Managers

Essentially, the colder the outside air temperature, the more energy it takes to heat a building. So, the amount heating fuel consumed by a building will vary from one year to the next because the outside air temperature varies. A process called ‘degree days analysis’ is used to enable us to take varying weather conditions into account when comparing the energy use for heating a building before and after an energy efficiency project. When degree day analysis was undertaken for the Bayview Hotel, the kWhs used for each heating degree day were analysed, to be able to accurately compare the consumption levels pre and post heatboss. The saving with degree day analysis undertaken show a 28% decrease in energy usage for heating and hot water.The saving levels within the hotel are continually monitored by the heatboss team to ensure that they are maintained and optimised.

download PDF version of this case study


heatboss has revolutionised how busineses interact with their heating systems, providing you with more control, less waste and great savings.

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