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Causeway Hotel – savings:

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2.6 years


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  1. To reduce running costs
  2. To improve overall control of the hotel’s heating and hot water requirements
  3. To improve guest comfort levels
  4. To become greener


  1. Saving on energy for heating and hot water are averaging 30%;
  2. Complete control of heating and hot water requirement;
  3. Room by room control has improved the comfort levels of every guest;
  4. Hotel has become a shining example of a green and sustainable approach to energy usage.

The National Trust project manager said that:

“Before the heatboss installation, there was no way of controlling individual rooms or areas. Control of heat depended heavily on members of staff going into each room and manually adjusting radiator valves.”

“Due to the nature of the building – an 1830’s main building and 1980’s extension, and all on a very exposed site – there were vast variances in the heat loss on a  room by room basis. To make matters worse, the rooms didn’t have thermostats and there was no rational way of adjusting heat to rooms based on occupancy,  thermal variation or guest preference. In fact it wasn’t uncommon for all the rooms to be heated at all times, regardless of occupancy, a clearly very wasteful  situation.”

“Prior to heatboss, the only method of controlling heat was asking staff to physically go into each room and adjust radiator valves. This not only made things difficult to manage, but quite often the heat would be left on and the windows opened to reduce heat…!”

Ann, the hotel manager –

“We all had a plan and schedule, and the heatboss installation was not only simple, but the heatboss team worked very well with everyone else. They were great to work with and, given this hotel’s unique situation on the edge of the Atlantic and all the extremes of weather it has to face and the widely varying impact on the rooms’ comfort levels, heatboss impressed us with their understanding of our need to overcome and manage these critical aspects.”

“I’ve found it very easy to work with the heatboss. They really listen and make sure they understand all the details, and they’re very good at explaining things to us  and our staff. They’re very supportive and I’ve no hesitation in recommending heatboss to any other hotelier.”

download PDF version of this case study


heatboss has revolutionised how busineses interact with their heating systems, providing you with more control, less waste and great savings.

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